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Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
Over 30 Years Experience!

Grant Boddington

  Hypnotherapy & Counselling Online Video Internet Consultations


Clinical Hypnotherapy & Relationship Counselling

If you have a self-improvement, behavioural or relationship issue you'd like help with, a computer and a fast broadband internet connection, then this may be the online therapy solution for you!

What sorts of issues can be helped?
Online Hypnotherapy or Counselling sessions can assist in many self-improvement, behavioural issues or relationship issues - where you have made a personal choice to move on positively.

What equipment do I need?

What's the best environment?

How do I book my first online video session?

How much does it cost for an online video session?

 Online Internet Session Terms & Conditions


Privacy of Information

All sessions and treatments are private and should not be shared with any other party. This also applies to any recordings or other treatment aids provided as part of any session. No part of any session may be recorded by the client.

Interrupted Session
Where a session is interrupted by technical issues beyond the control of the Grant or his client, then it may be transferred to another time slot agreeable to both parties.  However, if technical issues continue for subsequent sessions, then the treatment may be abandoned and a refund provided for that session.

Where the session is interrupted by the client for other than technical issues, that are deemed to be within the clients control (EG: telephones, messages, alarms, notifications, reminders, visitors, pets, noises, battery drained, etc.,) it may be cancelled without refund.

If a session is interrupted due to internet service issues, the session can be resumed at a time to suit both parties.

Cancelled, Late or Missed Appointment
Where a client cancels any scheduled appointment with less than 24 hours prior notice, or is more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled appointment (i.e. misses it) then Grant may choose whether or not (on a case by case basis) to refund any or all of the payment, or to re-schedule a different appointment time suitable to both parties.

Contact Grant Boddington
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist - with over 30 years experience!

Grant Boddington
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New Zealand

Telephone: 06 345 2000
Mobile/Text: 021 447 481

Email: grant@grantboddington.com


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