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NZ's most Hypnotic
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  NZ Motivational Speaker for your Conference

Treat your team to one of the most hypnotically effective conference presentations in NZ!

Grant Boddington's Mind Mechanics® is a 60 Minute Sales and Marketing Master-Class that demonstrates how to convert more inquiries into sales ... with the power of suggestion!

Learn how the power of your mind and your choice of words can influence sales, from one of NZ's most experienced Hypnotists!

Mind Mechanics Conference  Mind Mechanics Conference 2

Friendly Warning!
Motivational Speaker Grant Boddington's Master-Class involves interactive audience particpation!

A lively, informative, & fun conference presentation to remember!

Grant Boddington is a unique NZ Motivational Speaker. His fast-paced,
60-minute blend of training and entertainment will be the highlight of your next conference.

In this lively and interactive Master-Class, Grant reveals the secrets of practical communication skills - for Sales People.

Grant's Mind Mechanics® presentations are something refreshingly different for your conference; with practical exercises and intriguing & impressive demonstrations to compound the learning experience.

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Grant Boddington

Telephone: 06 345 2000
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Email: grant@grantboddington.com

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