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Grant Boddington

  Simply The Best Motivation: Free Download

                      Boddington, Wanganui's only Hypnosis New Zealand
                      Registered Clinical HypnotherapistSIMPLY THE BEST MOTIVATION
Free to you from Grant Boddington

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A ten minute MP3 powerpack!:

Use it Anytime!
Yes, Grant Boddington is a Registered Hypnotherapist; but no, Simply The Best Motivation is not Hypnosis!  It's powerful waking suggestion that you can use any time of the day or night while driving, exercising, running, or any time and place where you can listen to the intensely powerful verbal suggestions.  Simply The Best Motivation will prove effective even when used as background to other activities where your full concentration is essential - such as driving.

The Power of Positive Suggestion!
Grant Boddington is a master of the power of positive suggestion. He knows that the more you listen a message that you want to hear, the greater likelihood it will be accepted by the subconscious. Its like copying a file into your computer hundreds of times - it's real easy to find it and it's more likely to be the first file you find when the need arises.

A 10 Minute Powerpack!

Simply The Best Motivation is certainly a ten minute powerpack! During any 10, 20 or 30 minute period where before your mind may have been idling, you could hear the powerful motivation messages one, two or three times! Just load the MP3 file onto your mobile device and take it with you on your next training run, gym workout, or plane trip.

Personal, Business and Sports Motivation
Simply The Best Motivation does it all! All major motivation and self-improvement issues are addressed in the brilliant 10 minute audio.


and save to most devices or computers.

You are welcome to copy and share it with your friend and family.....but:
Please do not alter it in any way.  It is protected by international copyright laws.

Did you like Simply The Best Motivation?
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My name's Becci, I live in California. I downloaded your simply the best app months ago. I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to my life. I play your app on my commute to work sometimes 4x in a row. I have stopped drinking soda, begun working out, begun starting my own business, started to breath deeply and outta the blue. I have confidence and ambition for life. I am on the cusp of ordering your stop smoking mp3, my head doesnt like the idea but I will make it happen soon. I just wanted to say hello and thank you, you have been a huge help.

Motivation within minutes Best free app for motivation. 10 minutes a day is all that is needed so I will use it in the morning when getting ready for work. First day I used it I felt happy, motivated and pumped up with energy. His voice is even nice to listen to. Since it is free at least try it and see how it works for you. Can't hurt only help.

Cool App!! Rlly cool!! Thanks for keepin it free . . ;P Seriously motivating!!

Nice and simple. Great to listen to while doing chores around the house. Full of subtle encouragement and reminders.

Brilliant Grant is the real gem of the hypnosis world, thanks for the download

Great! Great app, easy to use. Simply press play and listen to Grant's motivating words! Perfect for any time! I use it on my way to work and it gives me a motivation boost for the day! Thanks, easily 5 stars!

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