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Relationship Counselling for Couples and Individuals

Grant Boddington Counselling

  Relationship Counselling in Wanganui

Helping couples to move on ...... together!

If you are experiencing difficulties in your marriage, or other relationship, then you may also be considering seeking assistance and guidance. Grant Boddington's down-to-earth and practical approach can provide you with powerful tools and strategies to help you cope and make progress - either as a couple, or as an individual.

Because your Grant has over 25 years experience as a Hypnotherapist - and because the counselling portion of any session is so vital to the success of every session, he also offers his very proactive style of Relationship Counselling as a additional therapy programme.

Grant's Relationship Counselling sessions are very different from regular counselling and so any resolution process is generally much faster.  Most relationship issues can be addressed in between 1 and 3 sessions - but it takes commitment to change on your part!

When you're ready to
reconnect and rebuild your relationship, we'll discover your motivation to move on and then assist you in making changes ...... so you can achieve your goals of togetherness.

  Couples Therapy ~ Common Issues

Grant is experienced in helping couples to address a wide range of emotional, behavioural and environmental issues in their relationship. Including:

  Relationship & Marriage Counselling Session Information

Please read the following information carefully, then contact Grant for a chat or to make an appointment.

Contact Grant Boddington
HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist - with over 25 years experience!

Grant Boddington Counselling
134 Heads Rd
Wanganui 4501
New Zealand

Telephone: 06 345 2000
Mobile/Text: 021 447 481

Email: grant@grantboddington.com

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Chat with Grant


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