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HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist 
Wanganui Hypnotherapy Clinic

Grant Boddington

  Semi-Retired Master Stage Hypnotist

                  Boddington, Wanganui's only Hypnosis New Zealand
                  Registered Clinical HypnotherapistA few years ago, Grant was one of NZ's hardest working Stage Hypnotists.  However he has pretty much hung up his pocket watch now, so if you really want him to perform a show for you, then please contact him for a chat about it.

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An Hypnosis Stage Show is an interactive show and best presented to an audience of 100 or more adults who know they are there to experience Hypnosis. (IOW, no surprise shows!) Generally, the larger the audience, the better the Hypnosis show will be.  It is best as a "stand-alone" entertainment rather than combined with other draw-cards, as the psychological aspect of "expectation" plays a large part in the success of the show.

Master Stage Hypnotist Grant supplies all his own props and music - and where travelling times and venue/audience size make it appropriate, he also supplies his own sound system.  Also, wherever possible, Grant brings his own stage assistant (and wife) Karen, who also operates the computer based sound system - ensuring a professional and seamless show.  Karen reads Grant's every move with precision and provides well chosen sound effects and spot music to create an exciting experience for all. 

Immediately before the show, specific music is played to settle, yet excite the audience - and at show-time a pre-recorded fanfare announcement fills the venue.  Master Stage Hypnotist Grant Boddington appears on stage and gives an informative and entertaining presentation on what the audience has come to experience - HYPNOSIS!

After several interactive demonstrations of imagination and suggestion in harmony, Grant himself recognises and chooses those volunteers who are most suitable to be hypnotised, to participate in the show.  Show length varies from one hour for a short show, to two hours for a full theatre show.  For a full theatre show, a break half way through is taken - but really it's an extension of the show, because Grant follows the participants back to their seats or tables where close-up Hypnosis is performed inches from their friends, colleagues and family. Seeing is believing!

When the show is finally over and the participants have returned from their imaginative state to reality, they have had all the restorative benefits equivalent to a full night's sleep and are feeling great!  As a special bonus, every show participant also receives their own complimentary copy of Hypnotist Grant's top selling Hypnotherapy recording "Be The Person You Want To Be". 

Master Stage Hypnotist Grant Boddington usually sticks around a while to chat with those in the audience who are now absolutely convinced that what they have just witnessed was very real!  ...... Or was it "all in the mind"?

Contact Grant Boddington

Grant Boddington
134 Heads Rd
Wanganui 4501
New Zealand

Telephone: 06 345 2000
Mobile/Text: 021 447 481

Email: grant@grantboddington.com

Chat with Grant
Chat with Grant


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